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Author: Holly Chamberlain

Greatest are those who serve others!

To all our soldiers and veterans of the United States Armed services – Thank you!!!! This Veterans Day, I remembered Dr. Tae Yun Kim, internationally known author, life coach, lecturer, and founder of Jung Suwon Martial Arts Academy explaining once the following passage in the Bible that Jesus spoke to his Disciple:  “Who is greater, the one who is at the table or the one who serves? Is it not the one who is at the table? But I am among you as one who serves.” Luke 22:27 Dr. Kim explained Jesus totally dedicated His life to serving others, and...

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Clap Your Stress Away!

Dr. Tae Yun Kim (author, CEO, motivational speaker, 10th Degree Tae Kwon Do “Great Grandmaster” and founder of Jung SuWon), often lectures and gives guidance on how to reduce stress, how to overcome bad habits, how to generate/maintain a positive attitude, and how to develop better relationships in your life. The following exercise, Dr. Kim has shared in her lectures, is a seemly simple but very effective way to dispel stress and also balance and energize yourself. What is this powerful exercise that can help us reduce our stress and feel more balanced? Its free! It’s easy! It’s —...

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All Colors!

White isn’t just one color — in essence its all colors, teaches Dr Tae Yun Kim. Read below for the powerful vibration white brings to us… “When an object is white, it reflects all colors in the spectrum all at once. That’s why you don’t see a ‘color’ when an object is white. When our eyes and skin receive white, you are in effect receiving all colors. White is associated with purity because the entire spectrum is functioning in unity, with no one particular frequency standing out or dominating. White is a holistic color, bringing the vibrations of all frequencies to you...

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Revitalizing Vibration

If blue-purple brings feeling of peace to your heart, read Dr. Tae Yun Kim’s wisdom, below, to better understand why that is… “Indigo. Where there has been chronic depression or powerful negative emotion, even to the extent of mental illness, the indigo vibration has a reviving effect. Indigo has a purifying, stabilizing, cleansing effect when fear, repression, and obsessions have disturbed your mental body. It encourages your mental and emotional bodies to resonate harmoniously with your spiritual body. Isn’t it interesting that purple is often associated with the attire of royalty? In the past kings, and other royal persons,...

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Cheerful Orange!

Well-being, and cheerfulness ! Dr. Tae Yun Kim shares, below, how orange can influence and affect you, in her book, “The First Element” – “Orange has the same warming and stimulating qualities of red, but to a lesser degree. It raises the pulse rate but not the blood pressure. Orange strengths you emotional body, encouraging a general feeling of joy, well-being, and cheerfulness. Lying between the red and yellow vibrations, it has an anti-spasmodic effect which makes it a favorable vibration for problems with muscle cramps. It helps remove inhibitions, encouraging the mind to broaden and open to new...

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