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Author: Nabi White

Are you ready?

In Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim’s Silent Master Book, she talks about the four stages of self-discovery: Readiness, Energizing, Life Examination and Rebirth. Below is a  story that illustrates the message about readiness. There’s a story about a rabbit who fell into a deep hole in the woods. He hopped up and down inside the hole time after time after time, trying so hard to get out, but never succeeding. Many other woodland animals came and watched this show, feeling sorry for the rabbit and expressing all kids of sympathy and concern. But, ofcourse, that was no help. Finally, they all...

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Have a Large Empty Cup!

In the process of self-discovery with my training under Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, I am learning that over the years I have built a lot of false images about myself. As a result, I become close minded to new ideas, new experience, and new opportunities for me to learn and grow from. Stepping back, I realized that I have many pre-made opinions about myself and the different aspect that I thought I have learned from the past. I ask myself, how often do I prejudge myself of what I can do or what I cannot do without even giving it...

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Count your Blessings!

Before my training with Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim, I was very much a complainer. Often, I may not have express it out loud, but I always look for what I don’t have or what I wish to have. I also never knew how to deal with the challenges that came my way and therefore when something bad happens, I continued to dwell on the pain and struggle, and I forget all about the good things that I have in life.  And I was very good at paying attention on the negative things around me, but on the other hand, the good thing...

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  When life gets busy, everything seems to be important all at once! It’s easy to fall behind on our responsibilities and simply justify that time ran out. In this case, time management and recognizing our priorities are keys in order to make the right choices for our actions. In Seven Steps to Inner Power Book written by my Menter, Dr. Tae Yun Kim, she mentioned that “When you have a goal that is a priority, and when you commit your total loyalty to this cause, you will undoubtedly make decisions about competing priorities in life.” Now to make...

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Determination Depends on You

Determination Depends on You from Seven Steps to Inner Power Book Page 31 by Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim “Here’s the unfortunate thing about determination: it works only when you want it to. Let’s say you paid a tailor $1,000 in advance to produce evening clothes to wear to a special event. This event will never happen again, and the clothes are only for this evening. Will you go to pick up your new clothes if it’s raining? Yes. Will you go if you are angry over a late start because your stew boiled over? Yes. Will you continue...

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