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Be Aware of Thoughts Behind Your Actions

Be Aware of Thoughts Behind Your Actions
Example – I desire to build a new house.

Analysis: Let’s look at other supporting ideas they could manifest.

Case 1 – I want a new house because my brother has a better one than I have.
Supporting ideas – I’m not valuable in and of myself; my worth is measured by how well I stand up to someone else. I am never quite as good as someone else so I constantly have to play catch up. My decisions are based on what I have to do to compete, not on what I really want to do. Therefore, I don’t make my own decisions; I’m too busy reacting instead of acting. I don’t value who I am so I feel the need to be jealous.

Case 2 – I want a new house because my family members and I need more space and privacy to pursue our individual projects without interfering with each other. Supportive thoughts are that part of this picture include; My family and I are pursuing worthwhile activities. We respect individual differences, and we believe we should follow the path of our choosing unobstructed. We value family harmony. There is room for individuals to fulfill their needs while also being part of a group. A growing and expanding house supports our ability to grow and expand as people.

Which set of thoughts would you like to manifest?
Do you see the importance of identifying the supporting thoughts behind your desire?
You will manifest those thoughts as well. Be careful what you think?

by Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim

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