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Conquer Your Own Weaknesses and Fears Rather Than Others

Conquer Your Own Weaknesses and Fears Rather Than Others

I started training at Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy in 1991.

One of the first things I learned about was the Principles of Mental Conduct. 

The first principle is this:

Conquer your own weaknesses and fears rather than others.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim teaches that it is important to look at your self rather than looking at other people. Instead of pointing the finger at other people’s weaknesses or pointing out their mistakes, look at your own mistakes first.

It is important to conquer your own fears and witnesses because that is how you will grow.

For example, if you are working on learning a new kick in the martial arts, you won’t improve if you only look at other people and point out what they are doing wrong. You have to look at your own weak points and what you’re doing wrong in the technique in order to improve your own kick.

It goes the same for your character, your personality, behaviors, your mental attitude. This is a hard lesson to learn sometimes because no one likes to admit your own weaknesses.

Dr. Tae Yun Kim teaches that you have to be like a surgeon who is doing surgery on a patient. The surgeon doesn’t look at an infection or  cancer and judge it and say to the patient, you are a bad person because you have this cancer.


The surgeon just finds the bad cancer and cuts it out.

Just like that we have to identify our own weaknesses and fears and work to overcome those ourselves without judging ourselves or criticizing ourselves or comparing ourselves to other people. It is very hard lesson to learn. But once you can achieve it, there is great reward and joy from overcoming a weakness that you have had for your entire life.

About The Author

Sarah Kim

Sarah Alex Kim is an avid photographer who loves to capture photos that evoke emotion. Sarah is also a 6th degree Chief Master Black Belt at the Jung SuWon Martial Art Academy. Born the year of the Monkey, Sarah loves to do many things including learning how to make jewelry, cooking, fixing things and mastering social media. In addition to the martial arts and photography, Sarah enjoys graphic design! Sarah’s personal logo is a SMILE and believes very strongly that “if it’s not fun, it needs to change.”

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