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Identify Your Fears & Weaknesses and Conquer Them

Identify Your Fears & Weaknesses and Conquer Them

Releasing Weaknesses Releases Your Energy

The process of taking a hard look at yourself re­quires great energy. Maybe you don’t think you’re up to it, or maybe you give yourself the excuse that you’ll do it later. But how much energy do you think you’ve been expending trying to keep your weaknesses hidden? I promise you’ll be amazed at the surge of energy and re­laxation you will feel when you begin to release your weaknesses.


Here’s an illustration. I once watched a bird that had found a large piece of bread, much larger than what it alone could possibly eat. All the neighboring birds saw the bread and flew down from the trees to partake. The bird expended considerable energy in what we could call selfish maneuvers to keep the bread away from the others. It was so busy taking evasive action that it didn’t have time to eat the bread. To me it was obvious that if the bird would have let go of its “selfishness,” there would have been enough bread for all and it would have saved an enormous amount of energy just by sharing.

Just so, when you get a larger view of yourself, you will then see the reward of sacrificing your most cher­ished weaknesses in your increased energy and freedom. Your strengths, alone, are big enough to share with every­one and big enough to confront any situation.

By Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim
Seven Steps to Inner Power (pg 23)

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