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  • Self-Discovery Means Learning to Live Free (3)
    by shscando on March 6, 2017 at 5:03 pm

    Some aspects of life are unavoidable.  You didn't choose the family or the environment into which you were born, for example.  You didn't choose many of the abuses, conflicts, or crises that may have occurred over the years.  And you will inevitably experience sickness in some form, old age, and death.  But you don't have to regard these things as excuses for continuing unhappiness and failure.  Instead, you can decide that right now you will produce change in your life and that you will live your life as fully as you can, with as much love and happiness as you can. Life is a precious gift.  But we tend to treat everyday as though life is never going to end, as though we have an unlimited amount of time to find the happiness we want.  As a result, instead of challenging our fears right now, we go on day after day, year after year, making excuses for our failure to accomplish our true desires.  Good intentions don't seem to accomplish our true desires.  Good intentions don't seem to be enough to make big changes in your life.  Thank about all the New Year's resolutions you've made in the past, and you realize that good intentions alone aren't sufficient to introduce changes.  Making real and lasting change requires that you make a commitment and take constructive action. Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kimfrom Silent Master - Awakening the Power WithinInstagram - @tykcando […]

  • Self-Discovery Means Learning to Live Free (2)
    by shscando on February 12, 2017 at 3:20 am

     Our thoughts and feelings are pure energy.  Whatever we think about consciously and subconsciously manifests in our daily life in one form or another.  This means that all the negative thoughts, self-limitations, and doubts we have about ourselves will hold us back from realizing our true self, the person we were born to be.  On the other hand, positive attitudes, constructive actions, and the pure thoughts and feelings we have will create a very different life of peace and freedom.  So, on the journey of discovering your true self, one of the most important tools you'll take with you is your attitude.   The true goal of self-discovery is to find freedom and happiness.  If you are not happy right now, if you do not have the freedom you desire, it's only because your're not aware of the power within you to joyfully fulfill your meaningful goals and true desires.  Freedom means you don't have to be a victim of your environment.  Whatever the circumstances you are born into, or whatever circumstances develop around you as you go through life, freedom means you use your power to take charge of your life and direct your path.  And yes, you do have the power!Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim,from Silent Master - Awakening the Power WithinTwitter - @tykcando […]

  • Self-Discovery Means Learning to Live Free
    by shscando on January 16, 2017 at 6:18 pm

    If your answer to that question is no, then you are ready to begin a journey of self-discovery.  the feeling of "faking it" or "missing it" comes from not knowing who your really are.  When you discover your true self, you feel the natural desires and aspirations that will guide you into a happy and fulfilling life.  You come to know a peace and joy that lives with you no matter what your material circumstances are. By Great Grandmaster Tae Yun KimSilent Master - Awakening the Power Within - p3Twitter - @tykcandoOther blogs:  JungSuWon Instructor […]

  • Freedom is your birthright! (continued)
    by shscando on December 27, 2016 at 7:38 pm

    Who Are You?     Ask yourself these questions:  Have the past 5 years of your life brought you what you want in life?Were you focused on a goal and going somewhere special?  Or were you just drifting, only to find out today, 5 years later, that your time was mostly wasted?   Maybe you've never asked these questions before, so you might reply without thinking, "I guess I have what I want."  Or, maybe you know right now your answer is, "Are you kidding?  No way!"  Think about it and ask yourself now.  Are you really excited about getting up every morning?  do you have a career that fulfills you?  Do you have love in your life?   do you have a warm and peaceful feeling inside that makes you glad just to be live, no matter what?    Or do you have a vague feeling that you're somehow "faking it" in your life, as though you've never really known who you are, or all you can do, or why you're here?  Do you have a feeling that you've missed really living your life, that you're just doing what you can to survive?   When you have your answer, here's something else to keep in mind:  the next five years will be just the same - unless you make a change.  So you need to ask another question right now:  Do I want the next five years to be like the last five? By Great Grandmaster Tae Yun KimSilent Master - Awakening the Power Within - page 2Twitter - #tykcando […]

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