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Some aspects of life are unavoidable.  you didn’t choose the family or the environment into which you were born, for example.  You didn’t choose many of the abuses, conflicts, or crises that may have occurred over the years.  And you will inevitably experience sickness in some form, old age, and death.  But you don’t have to regard these things as excuses for continuing unhappiness and failure.  Instead, you can decide that right now you will produce change in your life and that you will live your life as fully as you can, with as much love and happiness as you can.

Life is such a precious gift.  But we tend to treat every day as though life is never going to end, as though we have an unlimited amount of time to find the happiness we want.   As a result, instead of challenging our fears right now, we go on day after day, year after year, making excuses for our failure to accomplish our true desires.  Good intentions don’t seem to be enough to make big changes in your life.  Think about all the New Years’s resolutions you’ve made in the past, and you realize that good intentions alone aren’t sufficient to introduce changes.  Making real and lasting change requires that you make a commitment and take constructive action!

by Great Grandmaster Tae Yun Kim
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Businessman, Engineer, & Martial Artist, loves the outdoors - hiking, photography, fishing, shooting, skiing, farming, and more.

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